A specialized department works to ensure the maximum efficiency of the broaches at any time in their cycle, providing sharpening, straightening, grinding, regeneration services and, in some cases, welding. 

These activities are carried out periodically on BART broaches to assure and maintain their performance over time, and they are also offered for clients’ broaches with customized annual maintenance programs. The gained experience allows us to modify or adapt attacks to the broaches or shanks.


The broaches sharpening service is carried out internally and takes advantage of the experience gained in the construction and broaching of various profiles.

Sharpening can be done on broaches produced by BART or any other manufacturer. This service is performed by specialized personnel who work only on the construction and maintenance of broaches and is carried out in a very short time, often ensuring delivery in just one day.


Almost always the sharpening is generally preceded by straightening in order to improve the working capacity of the broach for a long time. This is a very delicate operation, and only if it is carried out correctly will it generate benefits in terms of precision and life.


In some cases, when a broach breaks down and there is not an immediate replacement available, it is possible to weld the broach. This way, at least you can use the broach until the delivery of the new one, avoiding production downtime or delays.


Machining on hard or uneven materials, as well as broaching at high speeds, can damage some or several teeth of the broach, which need to be subjected to functional restoration so that they can continue to operate accurately.