With the agriculture sector, we mean the machines used in agricultural or forestry operations.

The most used is the tractor, but there are many machines that differ according to their use: for soil cultivation (e.g. plow), for planting (e.g. seed drill), for harvesting (e.g. mower and combine harvester), for the treatment of products (e.g. threshing machine).

There are several broached pieces used on agricultural machines, telehandlers and components in this sector.

These include:
  • Sprocket bushings;
  • Roller bushings;
  • Bevel ring gearbox;
  • Transaxle;
  • Damping and coupling flanges;
  • Trilobed drive shaft;
  • Track links;
  • Trigger mechanisms;
  • Transmission pinion;
  • Flail mower rotors.