A proper ordinary maintenance, such as sharpening, allows an optimal performance over time, as well as longer tool life.

The broaches must be promptly re-sharpened in order to avoid that excessive wear of the cutting edges makes it necessary to remove a considerable part of the useful tooth.

Sharpening is a very delicate operation that takes place through the use of a specific grinding wheel for the profile and adequate in order not to change the original shape of the relief. It is essential to restore the cutting edges with the angle suitable for the material to be broached.

Broaches sharpening in BART is carried out with great care and takes advantage of the experience gained both in construction of the tools and in subcontract broaching.

We sharpen all types of broaches including those with helical teeth and special ones.

This service is performed by specialized personnel who work only on the construction and maintenance of broaches and is carried out in a very short time, often ensuring delivery in just one day.