Other Sectors

We work closely with gear, brake discs and clutches, transmissions and OEM components manufacturers. Furthermore, there are various sectors in which we are present, such as:


With the energy sector, we mean the production of energy, which represents today’s challenge in looking for sustainable, efficient and renewable sources. We offer an active contribution in the realization of:

  • Gears for the yaw system of wind turbines;
  • Rotors and carcass of DC motors;
  • Gear wheels for ventilation systems.


With the naval sector, we mean all modes for water transport, such as boats, yachts, hydrofoils, motorboats, cruise ships, ferries etc.

In the naval sector, we carry out the internal teeth of the propeller hub and the gears for the inboard engine, propulsion engine of all types of ship.

A particular application is the helical broaching of the centrifugal clutches: in the direction of screwing, the helical splined shaft gives an axial motion, in relation to the pitch of the propeller, to the rotation speed and weight of the flywheel. In this way, it is possible to invert the direction of travel on the transmission of a naval vehicle in maneuver and perform a gradual start on fixed installations.


With the railway sector, we mean the mode of transport by which people and goods move through the railway system.

Our contribution is mainly in the braking system and in particular in the manufacture of brake valves or levers for closing the doors, which allow millions of passengers a year to travel safely.