The design and construction process of broaches is extremely innovative; over the years it has been radically updated with the introduction of several CN machines, which had a positive impact on delivery times and precision.

Combined with the technical competence developed by highly qualified personnel, over time it has been accompanied by CAD project instruments, which, thanks to continuous upgrades, allows us to maintain the leading position in the delivery market.

Today Bart offers the possibility to manufacture broaches tailored in a very short period, designed by a highly skilled technical staff, developed and produced in-house with advanced technology and unique solutions.

Our products benefit from a preferential origin as they are made 100% in Europe; we can also provide the materials and workmanship certificates.
We manufacture broaches up to 2700 mm in length and 350 mm diameter with very tight tolerance.

BART broaches, sold around the world, distinguish themselves as tools of maximum precision: long lasting and reliable.

Furthermore, they can be manufactured for any type of broaching machine and can work on specific machine tools or automated CN work stations.