With the aerospace sector, we mean all aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) and spacecraft with aeronautical, space or military purposes.

In the aerospace sector, the use of EDM is not allowed and for this reason broaching is the only toothing process that allows you to obtain excellent results in terms of tolerance and precision.

The steels used in the aerospace sector are often very resistant and difficult to work, an example are 15-5PH, 13-8PH, 4330M, or in Aluminum such as 7075-T7351, or in the group of stainless steels AISI 9310.

The use of sintered steels and special projects have allowed broaching materials with resistance up to 130 kg/mm².

We work indirectly for the largest aircraft manufacturers who require extreme precision and tight tolerances, to whom we provide the broach, broaching service and accurate controls of different components such as:
  • Rotor shafts;
  • Lock rings;
  • Target arm;
  • Splines arm;
  • Bearing cages;
  • Brake levers;
  • Various levers.