Broaching has always been the subcontracting service of excellence signed BART, offered to customers who require speed and extreme precision.
After over forty years of improving investments in people, equipment and machinery, we can deal with any request for semi-finished products with high value added or broaching of parts with increasingly tight tolerances, while guaranteeing quality and maximum precision.

We can offer customized Quality Control Plans per customer needs, which provide, for example, the detection of the roller portion, using testing on the machine buffers or verification of the areas by the roughness meter at the end of processing.

On request, the quality control check can be also done in the temperature controlled Metrology Room. With the help of the central, three-dimensional Zeiss measurement, or of the profile projectors, a final report including the specific Certificate of Conformity will be produced.

Our technicians are available to collaborate with the R & D department to create customized solutions.
We always provide our technology and expertise for innovation, and for this reason we can also broach just one or a few pieces to facilitate the sampling or engineering of new batches.

With the availability of a huge warehouse of new or used tools ready in stock, special or standard according to the most common standards (DIN 5480 and 5482, NF E22-141, ANSI B92, UNI 8953 and many others), associated with the production flexibility of the machinery, we are able to quickly satisfy the needs of gear, gearbox, pulley, shaft, hub, transmission, bearing, gun barrel, bevel gear, universal joint and other constructors or subcontractors.