V.I.P. Strategy

Velocity, Innovation and precision are our values, underlying the V.I.P. Strategy, which is the market approach that we utilize to address our customers in the main sectors of mechanics: aerospace, automotive, agriculture, marine and rail.
Three strengths that distinguish us:

Quick delivery time. We are the only manufacturer in Europe to produce broaches in just 30 days, allowing us to meet sudden requests and provide a wide range of broaches readily in stock for broaching activities, or furthermore for sales purposes (catalog available on the website).

Bart makes continuous investments in machinery and technology, combined with the use of materials chosen from the best available in the market. This allow us to produce quality and precision tools that give surplus to the value chain offered by the customer.

Bart constructs broaches up to 2700 mm in length and 350 mm diameter with very tight tolerance guaranteed by scrupulous quality control and mandatory certifications.