With automotive we mean the sector that deals with motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, sports vehicles and light vehicles). Broaches have numerous applications in the automotive sector, which remains the main market of use in numerical terms.

In fact, with broaches it is possible to make the internal profiles of:
  • Shaft collar;
  • Rings for brake system;
  • Connection bushes;
  • Steering columns;
  • Bevel gears;
  • Ring gears for planetary gearboxes;
  • Bearings;
  • Cardan transmission flanges.
  • Needle roller bearing;
  • Cardan joints;
  • Constant velocity joints;
  • Gears, hubs and components of the differential case;
  • Double cone synchronizer for reversals;
  • Sliding shift sleeves;
  • Synchro sleeves;
  • Synchronizing components;
  • Pins to control the window lifters;
  • Starter pinion drive for endothermic engines, cars and moto-traction;
  • Transmission sprockets;
  • Bevel gear;
  • Crankshaft pulleys;
  • Synchronizers and sleeves coupling;
  • Steering wheels;

The most requested broach profiles are involute and grooved ones.