Surface coatings for broaches

On request, the broaches are supplied with surface coatings such as TiN (titanium nitride), TiCN (titanium nitro carbide), TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride), AlCrN (chromium aluminum nitride), which are among the most used.

The use of the coating on some materials to be broached is in some cases indispensable and, depending on the type, it can protect against wear, increase surface hardness or reduce friction.

Coating can increase tool life, improve the quality of the broached surfaces and increase productivity between sharpening operations.

The characteristics and benefits of the most used coatings are shown below:

  • TiN coating with its characteristic yellow / gold color, has a good anti-friction capacity, reduces the friction coefficient and therefore favors the sliding of the tool during the broaching phase. It allows to proceed at higher working speeds.
  • TiCN coating with its characteristic metallic gray color can be considered the evolution of TiN. The addition of a percentage of Carbon increases the surface hardness to 3000 HV. This coating is especially recommended for very resistant and abrasive parts.
  • The purple TiAlN coating has a surface hardness of 3300 HV. The sliding of the tool during broaching is guaranteed thanks to a reduced friction coefficient, which allows to reach high working speeds.
  • The light gray AlCrN coating is one of the most resistant to wear (3200 HV) and it is the right mix for those who need to increase the surface hardness of the cutting edges and reach high temperatures during broaching. It is also ideal for parts to be broached that will have a subsequent induction hardening treatment.