A key sector is the hydraulic one in which we offer our support in the internal teeth of:

  • Butterfly valve discs that regulate or isolate the flow of a fluid;
  • Connection sleeves with power take-offs, or mechanical parts to be mounted on the gearboxes with the function of transferring the force to other mechanical parts;
  • Output sleeves of the self-compensated pumps;
  • Plugs inside the control valve that allow to control the flow and movements of the valve;
  • Lobe pumps that are composed a chamber in which two lobe rotors rotate in synchronous motion, with the function of regulating the fluid;
  • Vane pumps used to convey dense fluids;
  • Axial piston pumps;
  • High pressure pumps;
  • Gear pumps;
  • Hydraulic valves.